By Mina Lécuyer and Célia Caroubi

Since our childhood, imagination is an integral part of our lives. First, tales arouse and nourish us, then as we grow up, Art presents us new universes, new imaginary worlds. Our imagination is a unique and personal alternative to the reality; it often allows us to escape from it. Faced with the atrocities carried out in our world, it represents one of our most fundamental liberties. Cinema is one of its more complete and impressive embodiment. The magic of it enables us to put things into perspective and to see the real world in a whole new light. It offers us a vision straight out of another person’s imagination, of an artist.

About our choise of films:

Here are the two cathartic masterpieces of two men, two visionary artists we chose to present you: BRAZIL, by Terry Gilliam and PAN´S LABYRINTH, by Guillermo Del Toro. They are two real “imaginators”, that is to say two universes’ creators who offer us their own unique vision of the world. These incredible, touching, visually stunning movies can, at the same time, make us dream, frighten us and even make us think.

The two main characters of these movies – a little girl caught in the vice of the Spanish civil war (PAN´S LABYRINTH) and a man, captive of a Kafkaesque society, who dreams of a elsewhere (BRAZIL) –  only have their imaginations to survive (at least to try to). So, imagination appears to be the sole rampart against a dreadful, terrifying, dictatorial, unequal and/or omnipotent world. It enables us to contemplate different possibilities and not to give in to distress. And even though they are not physically free, this spiritual part of them that escape all control, ensures them the true freedom that even death doesn’t seem to be able to remove. The imaginary world transcends life itself and no totalitarian regime can annihilate that. The strength of a little girl’s and of a grown-up’s dreams perfectly illustrates this unquestionable power of imagination. And thanks to the 7th Art, we have the pleasure to share it with you, movies fan from everywhere!