By Simon Mathes and Nils Bestehorn

Quote from BIRDMAN: “People, they love blood. They love action. Not this talky depressing, philosophical bullshit.“

We have chosen BIRDMAN and VICTORIA because they are no mainstream movies. Both movies look like they were done by only one take. Nevertheless, there is an interesting difference between both movies. While VICTORIA is really done in ‘one take’, BIRDMAN was produced with special effects and combines different film sequences in the postproduction to create the same impression. This is a good example how different methods lead to the same results.

 BIRDMAN is a black comedy filmed in New York (USA). The director is Alejandro González Inárritu who also made AMORES PERROS, BABEL and 21 GRAMM. With BIRDMAN he made his first comedy.

VICTORIA is a thriller filmed in Berlin (Germany). The movie shows Victoria and 3 German guys during a trip in the night turning out badly. The director is Sebastian Schipper who made ABSOLUTE GIGANTEN and helped by LOLA RENNT.

We think that other youngsters will like VICTORIA more than BIRDMAN because in VICTORIA there is more action and not so much “philosophical bullshit“. BIRDMAN is also a really special movie with a lot of dialogues and monologues of the main character, because it takes place in a theatre and the main character is mentally ill. All in all we like both movies because they are something special and above all we had to think a lot about BIRDMAN.