LUCAS critics

LUCAS Critics

kritik 1 Schüler der Wöhlerschule FFM
Teacher with young critics from the Wöhlerschule in Frankfurt

How do I actually decide if I would like to see a film in the cinema? I often depend on film critics. Often, it’s adult critics who write about films for a young audience. But maybe children and teenagers have completely different criteria for judging whether they would like to see a film and whether they enjoyed it. For this reason, we invite students to write down their opinions in film reviews.

The best texts will be published online on the LUCAS Critics’ Window under: Excerpts from this year’s texts have also found their way into this publication. They pop up in short citations as commentaries to the relevant films.

kritik 2 Schillerschule_2
Young critics from the Schillerschule in Frankfurt

This year six groups of students from four different schools in Frankfurt and the surrounding region have pre-screened and written about the films from the LUCAS program: here the young critics showcase their enthusiasm and writing talent.