Participate! during the festival

Participate! During the Festival:

LUCAS ASKS – Films Discussed and Moderated by Children and Teenagers

Throughout the festival young moderators will be in action. At selected screenings they will lead discussions with filmmakers, actors, and other film professionals.

And this, too, mirrors one of Frankfurt’s special features: the internationalism of the city in dialogue with the internationalism of the festival. This year the students at Strotthoff International School busied themselves with selected short films that they will accompany in the cinema.

What’s That Clinking, Talking, and Rustling in the Film?

Silent Film Scoring at the LUCAS Awards Ceremony

In cooperation with Vision Kino students from an intensive German course in Frankfurt’s Gallus district will form a program highlight at the awards ceremony on Saturday, September 24. Together with the Berlin composers Eunice Martins and Laura Mellow they will each create a – live! – score for a silent and an experimental film.

During a workshop preceding the festival the students discover how a variety of sounds, language, and music can affect a film and how they can create a soundtrack. They experiment with sounds and noises and invent their own soundtracks for a silent and an experimental film.

“Since the first time films were shown in 1895, they were accompanied by sound and music and, in some countries, by live narration.” – Eunice Martins & Laura Mello

The young people learn from real professionals, Eunice Martins and Laura Mello:

Eunice Martins studied school music, piano, and film composing in Berlin and Wiesbaden. She is a pianist at the Arsenal Institute for Film and Video Art. With her compositions and improvised scores for silent films, she’s been a guest at numerous international festivals, theaters, and cinemathèques. She creates music and soundtracks for films as well as various projects for Berlin schools.

Laura Mello studied composing and journalism in Brazil and Austria. Her experience as a copywriter and simultaneous engagement with music allow her to see language not only as the building blocks of meaning, but also as a source for the determination of sound, melody, and rhythm. Her intermedial works reflect the interplay of music, video, and performance.

Interested in Participating?

Whether as a school grade, a youth group, after-school club, or school newspaper editorial team, we welcome all creative ideas for getting involved!

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