Participate! the concept

Participate! From now on, this is the name of the game at LUCAS. Whether as curators, film critics, moderators, up-and-coming photographers, or festival reporters, young film enthusiasts work hard to shape the festival and make LUCAS their own. Now more than ever the intense analysis and discussion of films from the festival program and the dialogue between the children and teenagers and the filmmakers have become integral parts of LUCAS. Therefore, since the beginning of the year LUCAS has been housed in the German Film Institute’s Department of Film Education and Teaching.

From now on LUCAS not only addresses an expanded age group, ranging from 4 to 18 plus. It also aims to reflect the internationalism and interculturalism of Frankfurt and the surrounding region. This is seen both in the film program and in the cooperation with different schools, initiatives, and associations.

The result is a wealth of texts, photos, videos, and much more, that festivalgoers can explore. Here we’ll provide a brief insight into the individual projects and warmly welcome all of you to get involved!

For months our LUCAS colleague Marie Wolters has been visiting different schools and extracurricular facilities or else inviting children and teenagers to the German Film Museum to watch films from the LUCAS program. As “Film patrons”, the children and teenagers analyze the films over a longer time period in order to present their opinions in very different ways before and during the festival. LUCAS loves participation and transforms its young audience into the creative inspiration for film education!