Young European Cinephiles

Young EUROPE Visits LUCAS: Young European Cinephiles 2016

At LUCAS young film fans themselves become curators. In the new section “Young European Cinephiles,” nine 16 to 18-year-old film enthusiasts from Germany, France, Italy, and the Netherlands assume the programming duties for the festival’s evening screenings. On four consecutive evenings, the Cinephiles from one country will present a “double feature”: two purposely combined films of their choice. They will be there in person to explain their rationale and discuss it with the audience.

You can meet the “YECs” in Frankfurt during the week of the festival—a great opportunity to make new contacts. The young film enthusiasts are connected to the German Film Institute’s partners in the EU project ABCinema. These include EYE Amsterdam, Cineteca di Bologna, and Les Enfants de Cinema, Paris. In their respective home countries the cinephiles have already gathered a wealth of film programming experience—whether through participation in the programming of the institutions involved or through jobs and internships.

Quita Felix                                                        Bente Niemeijer

The two Dutch girls, 16-year-old Quita Felix and 17-year-old Bente Niemeijer, live in Amsterdam and have been making films for years. Bente is convinced, she says, that making films is something she wants to do for the rest of her life – as a film director. In 2015 she won the 1st prize in the category ‘film’ of Kunstbende Amsterdam and 3rd prize at the national finals of Kunstbende with the short film MARYSIA. That same year she started her own film production company BN-Artics. Quita is currently animating the Facebook page of “”. In 2015, she won second place with a one-minute surrealist short film at the Dutch NFFS, a film festival for high school students.

Bente and Quita account for their choice of films as follows:

“Beyond the obvious similarities in the story, we thought about other things like music, the way the story is told and design.“

Read more about Bente and Quita and their choice of films.

Kirikou et la Sorcière, BE/F/LU1999, Director: Michel Ocelot, 74 min., drama/fantasy, with English subtitles,
16 and above
Monday, 19.09.2016, 18:30
Deutsches Filmmuseum

Yeleen, BF/BRD/F/MLI 1987, Director: Souleymane Cissé, 105 min., drama/fantasy, with English subtitles,
16 and above
Monday, 19.09.2016, 21:00
Deutsches Filmmuseum

Ester Palmieri                                                Eleonora Fioravanti

The 16-year-old Italians Ester Palmieri and Eleonora Fioravanti are engaged in various social projects, including both local initiatives and larger organizations like Amnesty International. But their free time is dedicated wholly to their passion for cinema. This summer they were able to get a taste of one of the most renowned institutions for European film: the Cineteca di Bologna. While there, Eleonora and Ester helped prepare the meeting of young film enthusiasts at the “Cinema Ritrovato Festival.” For the past 30 years, the “Cinema Ritrovato” has been dedicated to restoring and archiving cinematographic treasures. There could hardly be a better opportunity to familiarize future cineastes with the film heritage and legacy of the Lumière Brothers.

Eleonora and Ester explain their choice of films as follows:

“We wanted to spread the word about a topic that we consider fundamental to know, especially for young people. In fact, even if social equality is now considered as achieved by the majority, we believe that is not completely true.”

Read more about Eleonora´s and Ester´s choice of films.

The Butler, USA 2013, Director: Lee Daniels, 92 min., drama, with English subtitles,
16 and above
Tuesday, 20.09.2016, 18:30
Deutsches Filmmuseum

The Help, USA 2011, Director: Tate Taylor, 106 min., drama, with English subtitles,
16 and above
Tuesday, 20.09.2016, 21:00
Deutsches Filmmuseum

Célia Caroubi                                                   Mina Lecuyer

The 17-year-old Célia Caroubi from Paris not only spent two years honing her film education in the “cine-club” of the Cinémathèque Française; she has also directed some short films, including the 40-minute “Ouvre les yeux” and “Cercle,” which were shown in the Parisian Cinema des Ursulines. Her short film “Somniatis” received an honorable mention in the competition “24h le défi-El Sur.” In 2014, she founded the association “parallax24” for young film enthusiasts. As 18-year-old Mina Lecuyer, also from Paris, recounts, she used to watch “King Kong” and “Jurassic Park” over and over again already at age four. This resulted in a fascination with horror films. At school Mina, along with a teacher, founded a small film studio and has produced short films. She has also appeared in front of the camera as an actress.

Célia and Mina chose two films that they, according to their rationale, see as linked through a shared theme:

“The imagination we can develop to escape from an unbearable situation.”

Read more about Célia´s and Mina´s double feature.

Brazil, GB 1985, Director: Terry Gilliam, 142 min., drama/science fiction, with English subtitles,
16 and above
Wednesday, 21.09.2016, 18:30
Deutsches Filmmuseum

Pan’s Labyrinth, E 2006, Director: Guillermo del Toro, 118 min., drama/fantasy, with English subtitles,
16 and above
Wednesday, 21.09.2016, 21:00
Deutsches Filmmuseum

Nils Bestehorn                                               

Simon MattesSimon Matthes

The 17-year-old Frankfurt teenagers Nils Bestehorn and Simon Matthes collaborated with the German Film Museum on a multimedia tour of its permanent exhibition. Nils would like to become a cinematographer and has already completed some internships (for example, at ZDF). Simon is also a passionate cineast. For more than one year he has been shooting his all day life with his action cam.

Nils´and Simon´s double feature:

Victoria, D 2015, Director: Sebastian Schipper, 134 min., drama, with English subtitles, 16 and above
Thursday, 22.09.2016, 18:30
Deutsches Filmmuseum

Birdman, USA 2014, Director: Alejandro González  Iñárritu, drama, 120 min, with English subtitles, 16 and above
Thursday, 22.09.2016, 21:00
Deutsches Filmmuseum

More about Nils´and Simon´s choice of films.