Day 8 at LUCAS // Award ceremony

The winners have been chosen! MARONAS FANTASTIC TALE, DAYS OF THE BAGNOLD SUMMER and ECSTASY are Best Feature Films at LUCAS #43. Check out all winners and the most memorable pictures of the evening in the gallery.

Day 7 at LUCAS // Final spurt

No, this is not a goodbye yet! This is a cinema greeting from producer Guusje van Deuren of the competition entry ABOUT THAT LIFE, which had its German cinema premiere at LUCAS on festival Wednesday, day 7. When the eventful festival week of LUCAS #43 comes to an end today, day 8, we would like to express our sincere thanks to the filmmakers all over the world who give children and young people a voice with their outstanding works. Thank you very much for your great films! See you at the awards ceremony, and the Jury 13+ is already taking you on a journey through the LUCAS Instagram Story 🎬

Day 6 at LUCAS // Europe and beyond

Digital Film Education in Europe: What experiences and insights has the Corona year brought? LUCAS discussed this with colleagues from the DFF Frankfurt, the Cineteca di Bologna, and the Taartrovers Festival Amsterdam, among others. The experience in cinema is definitely different this year. But film education and exchange did not come off badly on day 6 of LUCAS: The young people of the FBW Youth Film Jury presented LOS LOBOS to the audience and discussed with director Samuel Kishi about his cinematic idea and his childhood between Mexico and the USA. To MILLA MEETS MOSES the Australian director Shannon Murphy brought a surprise guest, her daughter 🙂 All the while, votes for the audience award are still open in the cinema and online!

Day 5 at LUCAS // Experience film culture

What are the FLUGIDUSEN?

With the wondrous paper figures from the short film of the same name, director Alexander Feichert (Bild) brought children very close to how moving images come to life for the world premiere at LUCAS. And not bad: Let the cinema projection start on their own call.

A point of honour for the youngest kita visitors, who rang in the colourful LUCAS Minis films in the morning with a loud “Fiiiiilm aaaaaaaaaaaaab!” In the early evening, young people took over the direction in the cinema hall and gave an insight into the intercultural DFF film club “Blickwechsel Jetzt” with their favourite film CRY BABY.

The older audience joined in the evening and exchanged views with director Mario Piredda about his German premiere in the 16+ | Youngsters Competition, THE LAMB, in a live cinema discussion via Zoom.

Day 4 at LUCAS // Halftime

Half time at LUCAS, but the members of the Youngsters Jury (first picture) haven’t had enough of cinema yet, and they don’t have to! LUCAS has a programme for young adults every evening. During the day, Sunday belonged to the children. Films for the whole family and great guests like the directors Anca Damian from Romania and Daniel Rezende from Brazil came directly to the cinema screen via zoom conference. Today, LUCAS team member Katharina reveals what the festival looks like behind the scenes in the Instagram Story.


Day 3 at LUCAS // Get involved!

Start of the weekend at LUCAS: in the morning, the children of the LUCAS Klassiker.Klasse presented the cult Disney film DORNRÖSCHEN to their peers in the cinema, exciting! A festival highlight at noon: the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Bundesverband Jugend und Film, with muffins, soda and lots of film fun. Also in Wiesbaden the motto was “Get involved! Young presenters Aki and Paul welcomed director Kim Strobl and actor Vinzenz Schreyer to the screening of the sports adventure MADISON, hopefully before the film is released in German cinemas very soon. For the Youngsters Jury the modern adaptation ANTIGONE was on the programme, with Instagram take-over.

Film talks on all films in the competition can be found on the LUCAS website and on YouTube.


Day 2 at LUCAS #43 // Premieres

Premiere feeling on day 2 of LUCAS: In the MINIS section, the MiniFilmclub of the DFF accompanied the youngest film fans aged 4 and over on their perhaps very first visit to the cinema. The short films BANDSALAT and IN GERMANY celebrated their German cinema premiere as well as the feature films MY FAMILY AND THE WOLF and IN MY BLOOD IT RUNS in the LUCAS competition. In the middle of all this were the up-and-coming critics of the LUCAS Critics’ Window, whose reviews will soon be available on the LUCAS website.

Another premiere: the initiative “the special children’s film” gave its Hessen kick-off in a digital information event at LUCAS. The cinema is alive!

And online? Simply take the festival home and don’t miss the extraordinary LUCAS films!


Tag 1 bei LUCAS #43 // Eröffnung!

LUCAS is opened! For eight days we celebrate cinematic art for everyone with you in the cinema and online.
Thank you for the wonderful starting greetings by Sybille Linke (City of Frankfurt am Main) Anna Schoeppe (HessenFilm und Medien) and the introductory words by Ellen Harrington (DFF) and LUCAS festival director Julia Fleißig. The perfect kick-off was given by the fully booked opening film GLITTER & DUST with director duo Anna Koch and Julia Lemke. More of that, let’s go!


Child actors and actresses in films

Child actors and actresses in films

Available online free of charge from 24.9. to 1.10.
Language: German

How do filmmakers find the right children’s actors? What are the differences in casting between child and adult actors and what are the differences on set?
What does everyday work look like, how does a day on the set go and how can acting and school be combined?

In the info talk via zoom, guests from various film trades will share their experiences of working with and as child actors: From the director’s perspective, Kim Strobl (MADISON) will talk about working with child actors; casting directors Annekathrin Heubner (INTO THE BEAT) and Jacqueline Rietz (THE YOUNG MUST BE IN THE FRESH AIR, SYSTEM SPRENGER) will give an insight into the casting process and the demands on child actors. Claude and Cloé Heinrich are active children’s actors and actresses and can report from their everyday work and the balancing act between acting and school.

Moderation: Johanna Krompos

How do you create access to queer topics?

Wie schafft man Zugang zu queeren Themen?

Available online free of charge from 24.9. to 1.10.
Language: German

How can pupils access queer content via films? And what about the need to address queer topics in class? With the success of films like MOONLIGHT or CALL ME BY YOUR NAME, films with queer topics have long since entered the mainstream. But does a queer audience have different demands on such films than a mainstream audience? How can you, especially from the perspective of film distributors, master the tightrope walk to address a queer, but at the same time as broad an audience as possible, which might not be decidedly interested in LGBTQ+ topics?

In the info talk via zoom, scene experts report on their experiences: Christian Weber from the film distribution Salzgeber, film educator Daniela Nicklisch and Philipp Aubel from the Junge Filmszene im BJF and co-organizer of the QUEER Filmfest Weiterstadt discuss in this panel how film can create access to queer topics – also for an audience without any contact to the LGBTQ+ scene.

Moderation: Florian Höhr