Day 5 at LUCAS // Experience film culture

What are the FLUGIDUSEN?

With the wondrous paper figures from the short film of the same name, director Alexander Feichert (Bild) brought children very close to how moving images come to life for the world premiere at LUCAS. And not bad: Let the cinema projection start on their own call.

A point of honour for the youngest kita visitors, who rang in the colourful LUCAS Minis films in the morning with a loud “Fiiiiilm aaaaaaaaaaaaab!” In the early evening, young people took over the direction in the cinema hall and gave an insight into the intercultural DFF film club “Blickwechsel Jetzt” with their favourite film CRY BABY.

The older audience joined in the evening and exchanged views with director Mario Piredda about his German premiere in the 16+ | Youngsters Competition, THE LAMB, in a live cinema discussion via Zoom.