Family Day 2019

LUCAS FAMILY DAY analog and digital

Sunday, 22 September, 10 am – 5 pm
Workshop registration at the LUCAS info desk only, starting from 10 am, two hours prior to respective starting time of each workshop

On the festival sunday of LUCAS, the DFF invites you to a journey of discovery through the history of film technology from analog to digital. Camera perspective, projection, special effects or editing are just some of the topics that can be explored interactively in guided tours, workshops and on the cinema screen. The youngest film fans from the age of four are just as welcome as parents, grandparents and young adults. Attention: For the opening at 10 o’clock there will be a small effect demonstration in front of the house.

Workshops: Registration in the morning of the Family Day at the Info-Counter

Labor Berlin – Analog-Workshop
Short films on 16mm shoot, cut, develop and present afterwards in the foyer of the DFF.
Duration: approx. 4 hours
10:30 am -2:30 pm > 8 years and older
(Presentation of the results at 3:30 pm)






Editing workshop with André Jagusch
In the playful handling of retro commercials on DigiBeta from the 1990s, the basics of editing and innovations in digital film technology are explored.
Duration: 120 min.
10:30 am -12:30 am > 10 years and older
3–5 pm > 13 years and older

The Bottle Mail Island – Digital Treasure Hunt
In the movie DIE FLASCHENPOST-INSEL (DE 2018. D: Toni Kurtin) Laini receives a mysterious photo album for her birthday. Open the album together with the protagonists of the film and get ready for a digital treasure hunt!
Duration: 120 min.
2-4 pm > 8 years and older

Eumel Film: Workshop »Pre-Production«
The makers of the pilot series DER KLEINE ACHILL (DE 2019. D: Sebastian Jansen) show how to prepare a film scene. The film will then be shown in the cinema.
11:15 -11:45 am > 5 years and older






Special effects with Harry’s SFX
An action film without explosions, smoke, shots or fire? Unimaginable! It’s all about preparing inventive props and how to use them.
Duration: 2x 90 min.
10:30 am-12 pm  > 12 years and older
12:30 pm-2 pm > 12 years and older

F.A.Z. – Workshop Film Criticism
The Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung visits LUCAS
Duration: 2x 60 min.
2:30-5 pm

Open Offers: All day


How are facial features, age or nasty cuts made in film?
12 pm-3 pm > lower level cinema foyer






Ames room – fascinating perspectives

Nothing in this room is what it seems! Objects on one side appear twice as large as on the other. Including souvenir photo.
10 am- 5pm > 1st floor

Painting | Scratching | Projecting

Children from the age of 4 make their first playful experiences with analog animated film. Slides and a hand crank projector play a role.
10 am-5 pm > ground floor foyer

»Camera Obscura« Walk-In camera
Over a lens at the window, the Frankfurt skyline is thrown in captivating detail onto the wall of the darkened foyer, according to the principle of the early »camera obscura«.
10 am-5 pm > 4th floor 


Special Exhibition – Digital Revolution

10 am- 6 pm > 3rd floor

Permanent Exhibition
Get an overview of the history of film as a medium in short guided tours.
10 am-6 pm > 1st + 2nd floor 

Cinema Programme






10:30 am // MiniFilmclub
Experimental films for children aged 4 and over (free admission)

11:45 am // DER KLEINE ACHILL (DE 2019, D: Sebastian Jansen) with introduction to the “Visual Effects” of the film (free admission)

1 pm // MARY POPPINS (US 1964, D: Robert Stevenson) (admission: 4 Euro for all)

4 pm // CHUSKIT (IN 2018, Priya Ramasubban) (admission: 4 Euro for all)



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