The juries 8+ and 13+ are equally composed of young film fans and industry professionals. They decide on the award of five LUCAS prizes. The Youngsters-Jury awards the winning film of the section 16+ | Youngsters. Juries of the “European Children’s Film Association” and the “Cinema Without Borders” network are guests at LUCAS every year and award a prize each. The audience award is decided by the festival visitors.

Jury 8+
Jury 13+
Cinema Without Borders


In order to network LUCAS even better and to intensify the lively exchange about our programme, we have established a selection committee which views the films together and selects them for the sections 8+, 13+ and 16+ | Youngsters. In addition to Julia Fleißig, the festival director of LUCAS, the commissions for short film and feature film are made up of five other experienced film experts:

Selection Committee Feature Film 2019

Dr. Carsten Siehl
Film scholar and film mediator / author and curator

Dr. phil. Carsten Siehl is a film scholar, author and curator and has worked for many years as a freelance film mediator for various cultural institutions and film festivals. In addition, he conceives and writes media pedagogical accompanying materials for teaching and conducts advanced training courses for teachers and (media) pedagogues. His main focus is on documentary formats, literary film adaptations, depictions of violence and gaps in film.

Stefan Stiletto
Film pedagogue and film critic / author

Stefan Stiletto studied pedagogy (diploma) with a focus on media pedagogy and was particularly interested in the topic of film competence. Since 2002 he has been working as a freelance film pedagogue. His work focuses on the conception and production of accompanying film pedagogical materials, the writing of film reviews (e.g. until 2016 for the Kinder- und Jugendfilmkorrespondenz) as well as the planning and implementation of training courses for educators.

Henning Adam
Berlinale Co-Production Market, FSK and FSF

As auditor of the FSK (Freiwillige Selbstkontrolle der Filmwirtschaft in Wiesbaden) and FSF (Freiwillige Selbstkontrolle Fernsehen, Berlin), Henning Adam deals intensively with issues of youth protection and media impact research. At the Berlinale Co-Production Market he is involved in the production and evaluation of films from an international perspective and is jointly responsible for the cooperation with the Frankfurt Book Fair. Previously, he worked for the film distributor Rapid Eye Movies in Cologne.

Selection Committee Short Film 2019
Pamela Fischer
Film scholar/BJF

Pamela Fischer has been involved in the Japanese film festival Nippon Connection for several years and is currently responsible for communication and public relations at the Bundesverband Jugend und Film e.V.

Dr. Ursula Vossen
Producer and Author / HessenInvestFilm

Dr. Ursula Vossen has many years of experience as a producer for television and film as well as in film promotion. She has written several reference books and numerous articles.