WED, 21.09. 9 PM
Kino des Deutschen Filmmuseums
Original with English subtitles
Film discussion with the composer Pablo Pico

FRI, 23.09. 9 AM
CineStar Metropolis
German voice-over
Film discussion with the composer Pablo Pico

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F 2015, Director: Simon Rouby, 85 min., animated film, OV with English subtitles, 10 and up

The young Adama is growing up in a secluded West African village. When his brother is recruited by the Fernch colonial power, Adama follows him in order to bring him home. He gets to know a world that seems to be ruled by soldiers and huge machines. But the boy perseveres from the deserts of his homeland all the way to Paris and ultimately into a trench  from the Battle of Verdun, where he thinks his brother is. ADAMA tells what sometimes seems to be a poetic story with realistic images. In the process the all but unspoiled communal life and the world of Europe are sharply contrasted. (DS)

Nominated for the César and the European Film Award 2015

»I really liked the film ADAMA because on one hand it conveys historical facts while on the other it shows that family is the most important thing.« Gladie 9th grade, Schillerschule Offenbach



Simon Rouby

Simon Rouby’s experienced art for the first time with spraypaint before turning to sculpture and painting. He studied film in Paris and Los Angeles. His films have been selected for many international film festivals, including Cannes, Clermont, San Diego, Bucharest, Ottawa, and Taiwan.

2015 Adama / 2010 La Marche / 2007 Le Présage / 2007 Blindspot


Composer, arranger and musician Pablo Pico, born in 1983, studied drums and classical percussion and – after that – saxophone, clarinet and piano as an self-taught artist.
He started out as a composer by scoring short animated films produced by the famous Gobelins school. This experience opened the way to the French animation world.
In 2014, he composed – in cooperation with Quatuor Voce and the singer Gaëlle Méchalyhis – first long-length film music for OUT OF EDEN (dir: Séverine Pinkasfeld). For the animated feature-film ADAMA he worked with the famous French rapper and poet Oxmo Puccino.