O véu de Amani | Amanis Schleier

Brazil 2019. Director: Renata Diniz. 15 Min. Fiction. Portuguese Original with English subtitles, with German Voice-Over. Released for audiences from 6 years of age. 

In her new home in Brazil, the Pakistani Amani quickly finds a new friend in her neighbor Maria – they have so much in common! Or do they? Maria’s present, a bikini, is not really appreciated by Amani. (ALB) 


Renata Diniz worked for Cinegroup from 2011 to 2017, then for the children’s TV series, SHAYA AND THE MIRROR, as a screenwriter. Her first short film as director, REQUÍLA, took part in more than 50 festivals and won ten awards. O VÉU DE AMANI is Diniz’s second short film and has won five awards, including Best Young Filmmaker at the Los Angeles Brazilian Film Festival. 


Filmography (Selection):
2019 AMANI’S VEIL (Short film) | 2014 REQUILIA (Short film)