TUE, 20.09., 4 PM
Kino des Deutschen Filmmuseums
Selection of language version via headphones – Original or German

FRI, 23.09., 4 PM
Caligari FilmBühne
German voice-over or German subtitles

During the Festival the tickets for screenings at the same day can only be bought at the ticket counters of the theaters where the screenings take place. Tickets for upcoming days might be booked under 069 961 220 678 with the exception of the Caligari FilmBühne.

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NL 2015, Director: Lourens Blok, 90 min., feature film, OV with English subtitles, released 12, recommended 14

For the first time in Germany: the Dutch film adaptation of the dystopian science fiction BOY 7. Sam comes to in a subway, not knowing neither how he got there, nor what his name is. Along with Lara, who seems to share Sam’s mysterious fate, he goes in search of his identity. In a notebook that a stranger slips to him, he discovers his own sketches and realizes that he and Lara are in mortal danger. Confronted with a manipulative and cruel regime that robs teenagers of their freedom and personhood, makes them into cold-hearted warriors, and ultimately sacrifices them, hope, humanity, and love seem prove to be the only effective weapons. (MK)

Nominated for »Best Dutch Family Film«, Cinekid Film Festival 2015

»Security is not always secure.«
Tu Anh Hoang, Helene Lange-Schule, Frankfurt Höchst



Lourens Blok

Lourens Blok studied at the Grafisch Lyceum in Utrecht as well as at the Netherlands Film & Television Academy. His feature film debut THE SEVEN OF DARAN (2008) won several international awards. Blok also directs for various TV series, including FRESHERS, THE SERIES & GODFORSAKEN).

2015 Boy 7 / 2013 Midden in de Winternacht / 2013 Feuten / 2011 Blijf! / 2008 The Seven of Daran