Shrill musical parody of the rock’n’roll youth films of the 1950s

United States 1990. Director & Screenplay: John Waters. 85 Min. Fiction. German Version. Released for audiences from 12 years of age. Recommended for audiences from 14 years of age.

Presented by the young members of the DFF’s Intercultural Film Club “Blickwechsel Jetzt”

Baltimore, 1954: Wade “Cry-Baby” Walker (Johnny Depp) is the rebellious leader of the youth gang, Drapes, which targets their rival, Clique Squares, a group of rich, stuffy teenagers. When Allison, the Squares leader’s girlfriend, falls in love with Cry-Baby, conflict is inevitable. The gang fights heat up and Cry-Baby ends up in juvenile prison. A rescue plan by the Drapes is needed.  

The shrill musical comedy by trashmaster John Waters, celebrates rock’n’roll and is a parody of musicals like GREASE and Elvis Presley films.  

Topics: Jugendkultur, Popkultur, Musik, Halbstarke, Rock-n-Roll-Ära, Rebellion 

In the Cinema
Mon., Sept. 28th | 6 PM | DFF