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D 1959, Director: Bernhard Wicki, 105 min., feature film, in German, released 12, recommended 13

 A part of German film history: the (anti-)war film from 1959 – freely adapted from Gregor Dorfmeister’s autobiographical novel of the same name. April 1945, during the last days of the war: in a small city in the Bavarian Forest seven 16-year-olds, each from a different family background, are about to be drafted to the Wehrmacht. Due to National Socialist pedagogy, war is for them not only a masculine duty, but also an honor, a chance to defend the Fatherland. The boys are commanded to defend a strategically unimportant bridge from the advancing American troops. Only one of them survives the utterly senseless mission. (SW)

Winner »Best Foreign Film« Golden Globes 1960

»The antiwar film DIE BRÜCKE succeeds in realistically, authentically, and brutally bringing the horrors of war home – more so than any film before or after it. Beyond this, the film shows us the insanity and cruelty of war. The film is an indescribable masterpiece and belongs to the canon of films that absolutely have to be seen.«
Sead Hadzimusovic, Helene Lange-Schule, Frankfurt Höchst


Bernhard Wicki

After his final secondary-school examination Bernhard Wicki visited the public drama school in Berlin.  In 1939 he was imprisoned for many months in the Sachsenhausen concentration camp. After his release he worked as an actor and attended the Max-Reinhardt-Seminar in Vienna. With the antiwar-film DIE BRÜCKE (1959) he became internationally famous

Filmography (selection)
1989 Das Spinnennetz / 1984 Die Grünstein-Variante / 1977 Die Eroberung der Zitadelle / 1964 Der Besuch / 1961 Das Wunder des Malchias / 1959 Die Brücke / 1958 Warum sind sie gegen uns?