IR 2017. D: Reza Aghaei. 74 min. Fiction film. Farsi OV with Eng. ST and German voice-over
Suitable for all ages. Recommended from age 6


Saeed’s and Sarah’s grandmother has just come home from the hospital. Now her grandchildren are supposed to care for her. But bad luck seems to follow them. First, the cash machine swallows the debit card, then Sarah breaks her grandmother’s glasses while playing. Sarah and Saeed take off through the city on their own to get the glasses fixed. With an eye for small gestures, the film unassumingly tells a story of empathy and willingness to help others while remaining very close to the siblings. (StS)

Montréal Independent Film Awards 2017, International Children’s Rights FF Bursa 2017, Kayseri IFF 2018

MI, 26.9. l 9 am l CineStar Metropolis
DO, 27.9. l 11 am l CineStar Metropolis



Reza Aghaei (*1979 in Tabriz) lives and works in Tehran. Trained in photography, he became an assistant director in 2003 and made his first short film INVISIBLE DOLLS the same year. Since then, he has produced fourteen short films. EJNAK is his first feature-length film.

Filmography (Selection)
2017 2017 EJNAK | 2015 THE CIRCLE (short film) | 2010 MARGIN (short film) | 2009 GOD IS NEAR (short film) | 2008 PICNIC (short film) | 2006 DOG (short film) | 2003 INVISIBLE DOLLS (short film)