MO, 19.09., 9 AM
CineStar Metropolis
German voice-over

WED, 21.09., 11 AM
Kino des Deutschen Filmmuseums
Selection of language version via headphones – Original or German

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USA 2015, Director: Raúl García, 72 min., animated film, Eng. OV, released 12, recommended 13

EXTRAORDINARY TALES is a collection of five animated films based on well-known short stories by Edgar Allen Poe. The episodes are framed by a conversation between Death and a raven (Poe’s reincarnation). The conversation circles around recurrent themes in the canon of Gothic literature: love, death, insanity, and the occult. Raul Garcia translates Poe’s complex, fantastically dark, figurative language in each segment with a different animation style and individual aesthetic – from a black-and-white graphic novel look to 1950s comic book panels, from grim computer game graphics to colorful watercolor painting. A pictorially forceful, atmospheric homage to Poe as well as to the influences or inspiring icons (for example, the voice of Christopher Lee) of the horror film and the arts of painting and animation. (MK)

Nominated for »Extraordinary Achievement in Animated Film Direction«, Annie Awards 2016

»Five works from the œuvre of a genius (Edgar Allen Poe) interpreted by an exciting, new style of animation.«
Leif Horns, 21, Beckmann´s Schulzeitung



Raúl García

Raúl García worked as an animation specialist for Disney Studios. He worked on hits like ALADDIN (USA 1992, D: John Musker, Ron Clements), THE LION KING (USA 1994, D: Roger Allers, Rob Minkoff), and POCAHONTAS (USA 1995, D: Mike Gabriel, Eric Goldberg).

2015 Extraordinary Tales / 2012 The Fall of the House Usher / 2008 The Missing Lynx / 2005 The Tell-Tale Heart / 1984 Animarathon