FULGIDUSEN: Film & Workshop

FULGIDUSEN: Film & Workshop

Germany 2020. Director: Alexander Feichter. 23 Min. Released without age restriction. Recommended for audiences from 7 years of age. German.

LUCAS presents the short film, FULGIDUSEN, which is funded by HessenFilm und Medien. In an accompanying workshop, the Frankfurt film maker, Alexander Feichter, as well as other team members and actors of the film, will provide insights into its creation. 

Film content: Again and again, Felix draws and creates figures out of paper, which he calls Fulgidusen, and lets them have the wildest adventures playmates in his loneliness. But do they only arise from his imagination? Or, do the Fulgidusen really exist? Are they being hunted by their mortal enemies, the Skuren, creatures that consist 99.9 percent water and can be incited to hunt by a magical melody? While playing in the forest Felix makes a magical discovery 


In the Cinema
Mo, Sept. 28th | 2.15 Uhr | DFF