NL 2019. D: Willem Bosch. A: Willem Bosch. 93 min. Feature. Dutch OV with Eng. ST. and German voice-over. Suitable from age 12. Recommended from age 14


Is there an afterlife? Yes, and you can find milk shakes there! Sam discovers this after her own death. She also meets her mother again. But although everything seems wonderful in the afterlife and even the angels meet secretly to celebrate with the people, Sam is supposed to return. And while she gets the chance to live her life again, the decisions don’t get any easier! Light-footed and never irreverent, HIERNAMAALS illuminates the subject of depression and negotiates philosophical heavyweights such as destiny and freedom of will with fantasy and humour. (AB)

SAT, 21.9. | 2 pm | Kino des DFF
THU, 26.9. | 11 am | CineStar Metropolis
Guest: Creative Producer Felix van Gisbergen


Willem Bosch studied at the Dutch Film Academy in Amsterdam and began his career as a screenwriter for film, TV and commercial clip productions. He started directing short films in 2009, HIERNAMAALS is his feature film debut.

Filmography (selection)
2018 HIERNAMAALS | 2015 WEG MET WILLEM (short) | 2010 SCROLL LOCK (short) | 2009 UITGELEEFD (short)