Klassiker.Klasse: 101 DALMATINER


USA 1961. Directors: Clyde Geronimi, Hamilton Luske, Wolfgang Reitherman. Screenplay: Bill Peet. Animated Feature. 76 Min. German Version. Released for audiences from 0 years of age. Recommended for audiences from 6 years of age.

Presented by the children of the LUCAS Klassiker.Klasse

In London, not so long ago, everything seemed perfect for the Dalmatian couple Pongo and Perdi. Not only have they successfully paired up their humans, but they have created a joyful buzz with a round of a dozen puppies. But one day, the little ones have suddenly disappeared without a trace, they were kidnapped! Headlines and investigations by Scotland Yard follow, but Pongo and Perdi become more and more desperate. With the help of their dog friends from all over Britain, they catch on to the trail of the misfortune and the culprit the extravagant Cruella de Vil! She had the puppies kidnapped and is pursuing a sinister plan. A turbulent rescue operation follows and suddenly there are many, many more little Dalmatians to save. 

In the cinema
Tue, Sep. 29th | 2:15 PM | DFF

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