FR 2018. D: Romain Laguna. A: Romain Laguna, Salvatore Lista. 85 min. Fiction. French OV with Eng St. Suitable from age 12. Recommended from age 15


After an uneventful day at her job, Nina observes a meteorite. Its tail burns through the sky. No one else noticed it. When she sees Morad sitting on his moped the next day, the situation is clear. A cosmic sign: the first love. She talks to him. With all her temper, she lets herself fall, no matter which craters emerge at the end. Romain Laguna’s feature film debut brings back the proven means of his first short film: southern French vineyards, heat waves, improvised acting and teenagers from the region, charged with the energy of a summer storm.

MON, 23.9. l 6:30 pm l Kino des DFF
Guest: Actor Nathan Le Graciet


Romain Laguna © Indie Sales

Romain Laguna studied film production at the renowned La Fémis Film Academy in Paris. After four short films, LES MÉTÉORITES is his first feature film as a director.

2018 LES MÉTÉORITES | 2015 J’MANGE FROID (Short) | 2014 BYE BYE MÉLANCOLIE (Short) | 2013 RUN (Short) | 2012 À TROIS SUR MARIANNE (Short)