LUCAS encourages even the very youngest children of four years old to immerse themselves and their senses in the world of film: watching, admiring, participating, and experiencing is the main focus of the “Minis.” Before and after the film, active components ensure that the film and the cinema can be experienced intuitively– because watching the film is only the beginning. 

HEDGEHOG SPIKINEY (HR 2020. Director: Tihoni Brčić) 

Spikiney the hedgehog spends his nights fighting to put enough food on the table for his different friends. Then one morning, to their surprise, the laboriously collected food is gone! Together, the animals set out in search of the thief 

CREEPY (DE 2020. Director: Div., project KIDS’N TRICKS)  

It’s not easy for Creepy– everyone at school, including the gym teacher, laughs at him. But why? Well, Creepy looks different than all the other kids, but one girl has had enough and the two of them do something about it.  

HORS COURSE (FR 2019. Directed by: Martin Burnod, Aélis Ensergueix, Nicolas Lopez, Clément Masson, Julia Monti)  

Two young chameleons roam the desert in search of something edible. When they see a beetle, they go hunting. They give everything to get their prey and don’t even notice when end up scary place.  

Angel’s Trumpet (EE 2020. Director: Martinus Klemet 

The hummingbirds drink nectar here and get the sweet juice there. Their favorite flowers are called angel trumpets, but somehow their favorite dish tastes different today: musical!   

THE PIT (SK 2020. Director: Markéta Smolíková Kubátová 

The smaller and larger creatures are busy in the quarry getting their food from the ground. Everything goes according to planuntil an unthinkable moment.  

OVERBOARD! (SK 2020. Director: Filip Pošivač 

The sea lions want to have a pair of every species on their ark, two monkeys, two elephants, that is the rule. A chameleon and a weird bird are also a pair, but do they still get on the ark 


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