Interactive Short Film Programme, 2005-2018. Directors: Div. 60 Min. Released without age restriction. Recommended for audiences from 4 years of age.

LUCAS encourages even the very youngest children of four years to immerse themselves and their senses in the world of film: watching, admiring, participating, and experiencing is the main focus of the “Minis.” 
A group of children from the ‘Grüne Soße’ after-school care center has compiled their favorite films from the program of the DFF MiniFilmclub and will speak in clips to welcome and close the film program

MY MUM IS AN AIRPLANE (RU 2013, D: Yulya Aranova)
SALLY (NL 2005, D: Luna Maurer & Roel Wouters)
THE DEEP (US 2010, D: PES)
SHADOWOLOGY (BEL 2018 D: Vincent Bal)

In the Cinema
FR, 25.9. | 9:00 + 10:30 AM | DFF
MO, 28.9. | 9:00 + 10:30 AM  | DFF

Tickets available online and at the venue
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