This year’s Mini programme kicks off with Family Day on Tuesday, October 3. The European partners of the Dutch Taartrovers Film Festival are attending as guests. Taartrovers are putting up their interactive »Cinemini« theatre in the Filmmuseum, in which children of three years and more can go on an imaginative exploration of the effects of light and projection.

Meanwhile, the cinema is offering a well-matched film programme (THUMBELINA, DE 1954, animation, 10 min., director: Lotte Reiniger and STORY OF THE ANGRY WITCH, NL 1999, animation, 10 min., director: Didi Hoving). The festival for young audiences has been organised by the artist collective Taartrovers for 15 years and is specialised on the conception of programmes for museums and artistic projects in the Netherlands.

TUE, 3.10., 10 AM, 11:30 AM and 1:30 PM
Cinema at the Deutsches Filmmuseum
30 min. film screening + interactive programme (approx. 75 min. in total)