WED, 21.09., 2 PM
Kino des Deutschen Filmmuseums
Selection of language version via headphones – Original or German
Film Discussion with the producer Daniela Rachminov Sidi

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FRI, 23.09., 4:30 PM
Original with English subtitles
with supporting film HONEY AND OLD CHEESE
Film Discussion with the producer Daniela Rachminov Sidi

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ISR 2015, Director: Anat Goren, 59 min., documentary film, OV with English subtitles, released 6, recommended 8

Mussa doesn’t talk. He hasn’t for the past five years. In school in Tel Aviv he communicates in Hebrew via computer. His teacher and her son look out for him. The 11-year-old comes from Ethiopia and is just one of thousands of illegal immigrants who come to Israel and live under constant threat of deportation. He has to see friends and classmates expelled from one day to the next until one day the same fate meets him and his mother… Director Anat Goren accompanied Mussa over several months and uses his example to tell a story of all refugees in Israel. (DS)

World premiere: HotDocs Toronto 2015

»MUSSA shows what the life of illegal immigrants is really like. The film is well made and shows not with tricks or scripting, but through true events life and the perils that such an existence brings with it.« Zoë Clara Ahlf, 8th grade, Wöhlerschule Frankfurt



Anat Goren

Anat Goren was born in Israel in 1973. She studied at the Koteret School of Journalism in Tel Aviv. Goren is not only a director; she also works as an anchorwoman and producer.

2015 Mussa / 2005 Jobniks / 2004 To Be Somebody


Daniela Sidi

Daniela Rachminov Sidi, born and raised in Italy, studied Cinema and Television at the University of Tel Aviv. She has filled both production and direction roles at the Educational Israeli TV and at the Children’s Israeli TV Channel. MUSSA is her debut feature documentary as a producer.

2015 Mussa