THU, 22.09., 11:30 AM
CineStar Metropolis
German voice-over

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FRI, 23.09., 9 AM
Kino des Deutschen Filmmuseums
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B/F 2015, Directors: Alain Gagnol, Jean-Loup Felicioli, 84 min., feature film, OV with English subtitles,                   released 6, recommended 8

New York is under the spell of a sinister villain, who threatens to destroy the entire city with a virus. A policeman is seriously wounded in a confrontation with the villain’s gang and meets a boy with cancer at the hospital. This boy can hover above his body as an invisible phantom and is thus able to communicate with him. Along with the help of a daredevil journalist, they try to put an end to the bad guy’s plans. A real superhero film, but one conveys depth and values. (LH)

“The film shows us that even weaknesses can become strengths, and for that reason, it gives us courage!” Florian, age 12, Obsidian Class, IGS Herder



Alain Gagnol

Jean-Loup Felicioli

Originally Alain Gagnol wanted to be a comic book illustrator and graduated from École Emile Cohl in Lyon. But he realigned himself and became a director and screenwriter. Jean-Loup Felicoli attended culinary schools in Annecy, Straßburg, and Perpignan, among others. Both directors work in the Folimage Animation Studio and have already directed several films together.

Filmography (shared)
2015 Phantom Boy / 2011 Une vie de Chat / 2006 Mauvais Temps / 2005 Le Couloir / 2001 Le Nez a la Fenetre / 1998 Les Tragedies Minuscules / 1995 L’Egoiste