US 2018. D: Steven Spielberg. 140 min. Fiction
Eng. OV with Ger. ST
Suitable from age 12. Recommended from age 14

In 2045, the people of the USA have given up facing the problems of reality. Instead, they escape into virtual realities like the digital paradise OASIS. In shape of their avatars, the people are free to do as they wish there. After the death of the developer of OASIS, his last wish uncovers the existence of three keys hidden in the game that give the finder control over OASIS. The hunt begins.

Set mainly in the digital world of OASIS, the film creates a striking notion of what we call virtual reality. Apart from its visual aesthetics and mind blowing effects, READY PLAYER ONE examines the current issues of digital addiction and social alienation. It projects their ultimate consequences and closes with the demand of the new OASIS proprietor: To take two days off the game so as to socialize in the real world – highly recommended! (Maria, Alexandra)

FRI, 21.9. | 8.30 pm | Kino des Deutschen Filmmuseums