TUE, 20.09., 6:30 PM
Kino des Deutschen Filmmuseums
Original with English subtitles

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USA 2013, Director: Lee Daniels, 132 min., feature film
OV with English subtitles, released 12, recommended 14

After the African American Cecil Gaines escapes the hard life of a cotton plantation worker, he begins, after a few difficulties, to work as the White House butler. There, over the course of many years, he serves various presidents and experiences the Civil Rights’ Movement up close. But Gaines fails at a common problem: finding the balance between career and family. His wife intermittently battles alcoholism and carries on with a neighbor while his two sons increasingly distance themselves from him. The life of Eugene Allen inspired Lee Daniels to make THE BUTLER, a film that not only thematizes the problem of race, but also tells the story of a family. (LR)

Winner »Film of the Year« Acapulco Black Film Festival 2014


Lee Daniels

Lee Daniels worked as a manager in the entertainment business before he became a director and producer. He made his film debut with SHADOWBOXER (USA 2005). On demand of former US-president Bill Clinton, Daniels realized TV-spots to motivate young African-American to vote.


2013 The Butler / 2012 The Paperboy / 2009 Precious / 2005 Shadowboxer