TUE, 20.09., 2 PM
Kino des Deutschen Filmmuseums
Selection of language version via headphones – Original or German
Film discussion with co-producer Pascaline Saillant

WED, 21.09., 9 AM
CineStar Metropolis
German voice-over
Film discussion with co-producer Pascaline Saillant

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PER/F 2016, Director: Adrián Saba, 80 min., feature film, OV with English subtitles, released 12, recommended 14

Sebastián is a melancholy dreamer, who prefers escaping to imaginary worlds to dealing with the real one. His fantasies offset the burden of his existence as a lock breaker in a gang of thieves. When he falls in love with the sister of the leader, a conflict with serious consequences ensues. As the conflict escalates, Sebastián gets into serious trouble, from which he can’t simply run away. His parallel reality can no longer protect him. He must face reality. The film’s experimental aesthetic and narrative structure whisk us away in a successful play of reality and truth – much like the protagonist. (LH)

Nominated for »Best Narrative«, Generation 14plus Berlinale 2016

»Through its imagery alone, El soñador manages to tell a fascinating story. Again and again, we, viewers, shift between the dream world, reality, and our truth as viewers of a cinema film.«
Mario, 9th grade, Schillerschule Offenbach



Adrián Saba

After his studies Adrián Saba founded the company Flamingo Films in 2011 in order to produce his own films. His graduation film THE RIVER won several awards, including the Best Director Award at a Peruvian film festival.

2016 El Soñador / 2012 El Limpiador / 2010 El Río



Pascaline Saillant

Pascaline Saillant graduated in Cinema Studies in Lyon University in 2005 while working as a projectionist in an arthouse local cinema. After various experiences as a free-lance production manager and producer assistant in France and in the UK, she created the independent production company 25 Films in 2007, driven by a desire to discover and support new talents. She co-produced Adrian Saba’s second feature, THE DREAMER, presented at Berlinale 2016. She recently joined Insolence Production where she is currently developing various projects, including a feature comedy, KILLER IN LAW, written by Francois Garcia Fiore.