US 1999. D: Josef Rusnak. 100 min. Fiction. OV
Suitable from age 12. Recommended from age 14

On the thirteenth floor of a high rise, the programmer Hannon has created a simulation of the L.A. of 1937 which players can log into. When Fuller leaves a message for his friend Douglas in the game world, he is murdered. The friend enters the game himself and begins to question his previous existence bit by bit.

THE THIRTEENTH FLOOR, similarly to THE MATRIX (US 1999, D: Larry and Andy Wachovski) plays with one question: “How real is our reality?” The film explores the endless possibilities of a virtual reality, displayed through the (nearly) perfect simulations of the year 1937, and how people use them to escape into a different, anonymous lives or exceed limits that exist in reality. The film portrays well how easy it is to lose oneself in a visual simulation like this. The plot-twist ending makes the confusion complete. (Clara, Rafael)

SAT, 22.9. | 8.30 pm | Kino des Deutschen Filmmuseums