Los Lobos | Die Wölfe

autobiographical story about the cohesion of two brothers arriving in the usa

Mexico 2019. Director: Samuel Kishi Leopo. Screenplay: Samuel Kishi Leopo, Sofía Gómez Córdoba, Luis Briones. 95 Min. Fiction. Spanish / English Original with English subtitles, with German voice-over (online optionally). Released for audiences from 6 years of age. Recommended for audiences from 10 years of age.

Eight-year-old, Max, and his younger brother, Leo, have a big dream. They want to go to Disneyland with their mother. But until they do, they have to stay in the meagre flat they emigrated to from Mexico. While the mother works at night and sleeps during the day, the brothers are on their own. From the confinement of the four walls, they explore the world around them. The impressive drama quietly tells about the power of imagination and the strong, loving cohesion of a family in a difficult situation. (StS)

Topics: Familie, Zusammenhalt, Kommunikation, Armut, Geschwister

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Samuel Kishi Leopo (*1984, Mexiko) emigrated to the USA as a child with his mother and brother. As an adult back in Mexico, he studied fine arts at the University of Guadalajara. His feature film debut SOMOS MARI PEPA was screened in the competition of the Berlinale and won several awards at festivals.



Filmography (Selection):
2019 THE WOLVES | 2016 JUGLARES DEL GOL (TV-Serie) | 2013 WE ARE MARI PEPA | 2011 MARI PEPA (Short film) | 2009 LUCES NEGRAS (Short film)