CA 2019. D: Genevieve Dulude-De Celles. A: Genevieve Dulude-De Celles. 102 min. Feature. French OV with Eng. ST. and German voice-over. Suitable from age 6. Recommended from age 12

Welcome to High School! Too bad that Mylia doesn´t feel comfortable there at all. The twelve-year-old prefers to retreat rather than approach others. The beginning friendship with the cool Jacinthe seems to open her doors. But what does it mean to be a part of something? Mylia soon realizes that she doesn`t like what the other girls in the clique are pushing her to do. Jimmy, a boy from a nearby Abenaki reserve, behaves quite differently. He likes Mylia because she is an outsider like him. A film about the courage to go his own way. (StS)

Winner “Crystal Bear” for Best Film, Berlin International Film Festival 2019 Generation Kplus; “Canadian Screen Award” for Best Motion Picture and Performance for Émilie Bierre, Canadian Screen Awards 2019 (Canada)

In collaboration with the Embassy of Canada, Berlin  

TUE, 24.9. | 8.30 am | CineStar Metropolis
Guest: Actor Jacob Whiteduck-Lavoie
WED, 25.9 | 10.30 am| CineStar Metropolis
Guest: Actor Jacob Whiteduck-Lavoie
THU, 26.9. | 9 am | Kino des DFF
Guest: Actor Jacob Whiteduck-Lavoie



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The canadian Geneviève Dulude-De Celles achieved great success at festivals with her first short fiction film LA COUPE and her feature-length documentary about a high school, BIENVENUE À F.L. (including "Best International Short Film" at the Sundance Film Festival). UNE COLONIE is her first feature film.

2018 UNE COLONIE | 2015 BIENVENUE À F.L. | 2014 LA COUPE (short)