THU, 22.09., 6:30 PM
Kino des Deutschen Filmmuseums
Original with English subtitles

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D 2015, Director: Sebastian Schipper, 134 min., feature film
OV with English subtitles, released 12, recommended 14

Victoria has spent the night partying, dancing, and drinking. On the street she meets Sonne and his friends and heads off with them. Maybe because it’s Fuß’s birthday or because Boxer dances in the street for her. Or because Sonne doesn’t just have Berlin attitude, but a whole lot of heart, and promises to show her his city. Or simply because the night is still young. The young woman wants to experience something, and these guys, who don’t play by any rules, still have plans. But these events get out of control and come to a dramatic end. Shot in an extraordinary way in one long sequence shot – just one take, without a single cut. (SW)

Winner »Silver Bear«, Berlinale 2015



Sebastian Schipper

Honverian Sebastian Schipper firstly completed a train as an actor and afterwards worked as an actor for theatre and film productions. The film ABSOLUTE GIGANTEN (G 1999) was Schipper’s debut as a director and author. He realizes commercial videos and founded the production company MonkeyBoy in 2014.

2015 Victoria / 2009 Mitte Ende August / 2006 Ein Freund von mir / 1999 Absolute Giganten