Canada 2020. Director: Lisa Delhom, Jérémy Paquet. 11 Min. Fiction.
French Original with English subtitles, with German voice-over. Released without age restriction.

A Wednesday morning in Montreal: Léo and Iris wait in vain for the school bus. So they take the chance and do what they feel like: go to the park, the football stadium and the cinema. How many adventures fit into one morning? (JP)


Lisa Delhorn began as a caster and has since worked in various film trades but most recently as a post-production assistant for well-known US TV formats. Jérémy Paquet studied film at the University of Montréal and has also trained himself independently in graphic design, film editing, and visual effects in various projects. After the joint post-production of the television series, THE MORNING SHOW and BIG LITTLE LIES, MERCREDI is their debut as a directing duo, which they also wrote and produced together. 

Filmography (selected):
2020 WEDNESDAY (short film)