USA 2019. Director: Andrew Krakower. 15 Min. Fiction.
Nepalese / Tibetan Original with English subtitles, with German voice-over. Released without age restriction.

Nepal: Monk student Sonam decides to save the money he earns for prayers to buy a football. Tashi, on the other hand, buys a coke every day. He would love to buy a big bottle for once. If only Sonam would share his savings. (JP)



After his studies, Andrew Krakower gained attention with his first film, THE CHILDREN’S WAR (2010), which was honored by the UN, among others, for its look at the horrors of the Ugandan civil war. Krakower then spent eight years writing, teaching, and researching in Nepal. YARNE can be considered a cinematic product of these times. 



Filmographie (Auswahl):
2019 YARNE (Short film) | 2010 THE CHILDREN’S WAR