Jury 8+


Constanze Groß (12)
Heinrich-von-Kleist-Schule, Eschborn
Jakob Weiß (12)
Leibnizschule, Offenbach
Elena Koschwitz (10)
Heinrich-Gagern-Gymnasium, Frankfurt
Constanze doesn’t just love the cinema, she also loves playing the transverse flute and dancing. Anything lure her to the screen, from STAR WARS (US 1977-2018, D: div.) to animal and wildlife documentaries as well as romances, preferably with friends and family. Being a jury member and rating films with your own criteria? That’s something Constanze always wanted to try.
Some of Jakob’s hobbies are playing football, drawing and watching films. His favourite are action films such as AVENGERS 2: AGE OF ULTRON (US 2015, D: Joss Whedon). Jakob hopes to gain insight into the professional film world as a LUCAS jury member and is particularly interested in the opinions and perspective of the other jury members.
If a film is about adventures and friendship such as Elena’s favourite series HARRY POTTER (UK 2001-2011, D: div.), she’s off immediately to the cinema with her friends. At LUCAS she is particularly excited to talk about current films in the community and also replacing the classroom with the cinema. By the way, she thinks the best seats in the cinema are in the very back.
Arendt Agthe (Germany)
Nicola Jones (Germany)
Communication and Media Scholar
Elke Sieger (Germany)
Television Editor (HR/ZDF)
Since the 1980’s, Arendt Aghte is one of the most prominent representatives of sophisticated children’s films. The Grimme-Award winner is producer, author and director of countless shorts, cinema and documentary films as well as the well-known formats »Sesamstrasse«, »Löwenzahn« and »Siebenstein«. Additionally, he wrote for »Pardon« and »Titanic«, among others, and works as a tutor for screenplay development.
Nicola Jones manages the German Children’s Media Festival „Goldener Spatz“ and is the CEO of the eponymous children’s media foundation. Before, she worked as a consultant for the German Federal Film Board (FFA) and responsible for international film relations, among other things. Additionally, she is engaged with the initiative »Ein Netz für Kinder« and as a jury member for numerous festivals.
Since 2001, Elke Sieger is responsible for the editorial office »Kinder und Jugend« (Children and Youth) at the ZDF. Among others, she has written for the show »Siebenstein«, filmed, directed and developed new television formats. Currently she is leading the editing group of the editorial »Fiction«. Sieger has studied sociology, cultural anthropology and pedagogy in Frankfurt and is currently working on her PhD.