Jury 8+


Rosalie Pascal (10), IGS Nordend, Frankfurt
Aki T. Teuchmann (11), Elisabethenschule, Frankfurt
Jan Alexander Vossen (10), Merianschule am Park, Frankfurt
Rosalie is a true multi-talent. She writes her own stories, makes films and draws comics. Her favourite director is Steven Spielberg, but she is also very fond of films starring Harrison Ford, in particular STAR WARS: Episode IV (US 1977, Director: George Lucas). She is usually accompanied by her parents. To her mind, a film needs a good soundtrack and editing, emotive acting performances and shifting perspectives to make the grade.
When Aki is not currently working on his own film projects, he enjoys reading books and going climbing. He loves watching fantasy films and his favourite is FANTASTIC BEASTS AND WHERE TO FIND THEM (US 2016, Director: David Yates). In his opinion, a good film has to be colourful and thought-provoking. In order to discuss these thoughts with others, he prefers going to the cinema with his friends.
Jan Alexander especially enjoys visiting the cinema when his friends come along, as that is when you have the most fun. In his view, a movie should be equally funny, sad and exciting, such as his favourite film RICO, OSKAR UND DIE TIEFERSCHATTEN (DE 2014, Director: Neele Vollmar). His other interests include reading and playing football.
Cathrin Ernst (Germany) Film educator, media scientist
Tobias Krell (Germany) Film and TV editor, presenter
Maite Woköck (Germany) Producer, CEO at Ella Film
Cathrin Ernst has been working at the International Short Film Festival Oberhausen since 2014, where she is the head of organisation in the Children’s and Youth Film section. She also curated screenings at the 40th anniversary of the short film programmes for children and supervised the young jury members. Moreover, she is carrying out projects on inclusive and political film education and is organising an exchange of young jury members with the children’s film festival Filem’on in Brussels.
Born in Mainz, Tobias Krell studied social and media studies in Münster and Potsdam-Babelsberg. During this time he worked in various editorial offices for print, radio and TV. Since 2013 he has been presenting the educational children’s programmes “Checker Tobi” and “CheXperiment”. For many years he worked as a film critic for the SWR broadcasting corporation and has also been working for film festivals since 2011. A standalone “Checker Tobi” film will have its cinematic release in 2018.
Having started her career in the theatre, Maite Woköck works in international film production today. For many years she worked as a producer and script editor for the Ulysses Filmproduktion GmbH in her hometown Hamburg, where she oversaw films such as TOTALLY TRUE LOVE (ANNE LIEBT PHILIPP) and NIKO & THE WAY TO THE STARS (NIKO – EIN RENTIER HEBT AB NO/DE 2011, R: Anne Sewitzky). After advanced training in the area of children’s media, she developed the feature film MY FAIRY TROUBLEMAKER & ME (MEINE CHAOSFEE & ICH R: Florian Westermann, Caroline Origer) at the EAVE Producers Workshop in 2011.