Minis 2019



LUCAS encourages the very youngest of the age of four to dive into the world of film with all their senses: Being amazed, touching and participating is the main focus of the »Minis«. Before and after the film, activities ensure that film and the setting of cinema can be experienced intuitively. Because: the film »watching« is only the beginning.

The »Minis« programme benefits from the many years of experience of the “MiniFilmclub« in the DFF – Deutsches Filminstitut & Filmmuseum, which introduces preschool children to aesthetic film education in a playful way. The films at LUCAS are diverse, stimulating and short: on the one hand with a focus on the attention span of the young audience, and on the other hand to give them plenty of opportunity to express their reactions and opinions.

Whether at the Weltkindertagsfest in Wiesbaden or at the DFF cinema with the young experts of the MiniFilmclub: The »Minis« programme understands the active and creative examination of what has been seen as a playground for film aesthetic education. At LUCAS, the children explore together what is special about the film experience in the cinema and gain access to moving images.


Program 1: Experimental films for children 
Running time: approx. 65 Min.
Recommended from age 4

FRI, 20.9  | 9 am | Caligari (Wiesbaden)
SUN, 22.9  | 10.30 am | 65 Min | Kino des DFF
WED, 25.9  | 9.30 am | 65 Min | Kino des DFF

Program 2: The world in shorts
Running time: approx. 20 Min.
Recommended from age 4

SUN, 22.9. | every half hour between 2 pm and 5 pm | Caligari  (Wiesbaden)