Get Involved!

Young film fans are not just spectators at LUCAS, they play the leading part! What could be more interesting at a film festival than to meet and talk to international filmmakers? To learn first-hand how a film was developed and, especially, to contribute your own point of view? The films offer a point of reference for children and teenagers in order to deal with the world in which they live. The cinema thus becomes the place where perspectives on the world form: “What did we enjoy, what did we not enjoy – and why? How do we want to live ourselves?”

From selecting the films to reporting on the festival and presenting a programme, young film fans can make the festival wholly their own.

Leading up to the festival, school classes work extensively with films from the LUCAS programme. They receive professional guidance for forthcoming film discussions with the directors, producers or actors of their favourite movies. Additionally, they give thought to their own film programmes or create poster campaigns for the screenings they attend.

As “festival reporters”, young film fans pick up cameras and microphones to report on the festival activities. The aim of Get Involved! is to intensify the engagement with films from the festival programme and to place the exchange between children, teenagers and filmmakers at the centre of the festival.