LUCAS on Tour 2019


LUCAS on Tour

LUCAS goes Ginnheim
Open-Air-Cinema for all on Saturday, August 17th, at 8:30 pm

We decide what’s on with us! That means specifically: after the summer holidays, children and teenagers from JuZ Ginnheim will organize their own open-air cinema with their self-chosen program. Where? In front of their youth centre in Ginnheimer Landstraße 168A, clearly visible for everyone.
The young people from Ginnheim have chosen their favourites from the LUCAS short film competitions 2017 and 2018. The challenge is on the one hand to have the heterogeneous audience in mind: Family, friends, neighbours of all ages. Ella (10) already knows: “My little sister will laugh at this film”. On the other hand, a tough decision has to be made: “Princesses and cheap romanticism don’t work at all”, Sarah (13) points out.
Visitors can expect a program that is sometimes funny, sometimes serious, brightly coloured or artistically abstract. It contains film heroes who rebel and show how family and history shape us: The short films from Mexico, France, Russia and Turkey offer something to laugh at or think about for everyone – with CHER PAPA (BE 2016. D: various children), the 8+ winning short film from 2017 is also presented.
The students also advertise their open-air activities themselves: A self-made poster and an animated film workshop at the DFF are part of the programme.

The LUCAS goes Ginnheim Open-Air-Event – programmed and presented by children and teenagers of the JuZ Ginnheim – takes place on Saturday, August 17th at 8:30 pm in front of the JuZ Ginnheim, Ginnheimer Landstraße 168A, 60431 Frankfurt.

Hello Eschborn!
Film patrons from Eschborn in front of the screen! A primary school class of the Westerbachschule takes a close look at a film from the 8+ competition after the autumn holidays. What stands out in this film and how does it achieve its effect? The answers to these questions and, above all, “their film” will be presented by the young film patrons from Eschborn on Thursday, November 14th, at 9:30 am in the Bürgerzentrum Niederhöchstadt.

To “Hallo Eschborn!”, all pupils of the Westerbachschule as well as pupils from all over Eschborn are invited. The audience is allowed to be curious: the children came up with something really special for their guests.

FILMmobil – Film education mobile in Hessen
The FILMmobil brings the most beautiful LUCAS films to regional communities in Hesse – all year long! In this project, students get to know basic concepts and methods of film analysis and discover favourite films that challenge their viewing habits.
Curious? Information and registration: | Tel. 069 961 220 -692

LUCAS Festival reporters

Do you want to interview directors, cast and producers of films for children and teenagers, watch recent films and get a taste of the festival atmosphere? The “Festival reporters” project is the right thing for anyone who wants to be close to the filmmakers.
For three days, students up to grade 6 will report on LUCAS and capture the action in Offenbach and Frankfurt. Throughout the entire production process, from the elaborated shooting schedule to the finished report, one school class is accompanied by a media pedagogue.

The teacher is actively involved in the realization of the project and supervises a production group after an all-day training. The finished report is then broadcast via TV and livestream on the Offener Kanal Rhein-Main and is also available at

Festival reporters is a project of the Medienprojektzentrum Offener Kanal (MOK) Rhein-Main in cooperation with LUCAS – International Festival for Young Film Fans.

The MOK Rhein-Main, an institution of the Hessische Landesanstalt für privaten Rundfunk und neue Medien (LPR Hessen) based in Offenbach, Germany, is an interactive platform, community TV and media project centre for the Rhine-Main region and the whole of southern Hesse.
More information under
Contact: Nadine Tepe/Katja Ester | | Tel. 069 82 36 91 -00