Julia Fleißig
Festival Director


discovering, discussing and enjoying cinematic art in the cinema, the original place for film, lies at the heart of LUCAS. The 42nd edition of the festival showcases more than 60 films from over 30 countries for young audiences aged four to 18plus. Hundreds of hours of film have been screened by the selection committees, and 40 up-to-date competition entries have been selected – 28 of which are celebrating their German premiere at LUCAS.

At LUCAS, the cinema becomes a place for eye-opening encounters and vivid exchange when numerous filmmakers answer young visitors’ questions about their works. The stories of young protagonists on the screen also open up new perspectives. Whether we discover universal topics or previously unknown realities of life together, our common interest in film unites across all genres – and across all borders.

LUCAS also stands for participation on as many levels as possible. Film lovers are given space for their ideas, criteria and decisions because LUCAS takes them seriously, knowing that something great is created in the process. Four programs have been selected by young curators. The cult films of the Klassiker.Klasse and the favourite experimental films of the MiniFilmclub alumni are a novelty. “LUCAS goes Ginnheim” already gives a foretaste in mid-August when kids present their film choices at an open-air cinema night in their neighbourhood.

I look forward to children’s amazed eyes and curious questions, striking critique and applause for the unusual, as well as to many experiences that defy expectations and stir emotions. May theatres packed with first-time cinemagoers as well as older semesters manifest once again: A good film is a good film and LUCAS captivates adult audiences as well.

Strong partners and sponsors are at LUCAS’ side, who believe that the intensive engagement with the medium of film is fundamental in a world full of moving images. I thank them from the bottom of my heart for their commitment.

Mobile off, projection on!


Preface of State Minister Prof. Monika Grütters

Prof. Monika Grütters MdB
State Minister of Culture and Media

„We have not tried that yet, so for sure it will work.“

This sentence, uttered by children’s heroine Pippi Longstocking, helps her to self-confidently conquer unknown territory. In the same way, LUCAS has conquered unknown territory a few years ago with its new lineup – and this, just like Pippi Longstocking says, was a good choice. The festival is more successful than ever thanks to the curiosity and openness of its participants.

It’s alreday the 42nd time that LUCAS opens up its doors to children, youths and young adults. With that it also opens up new perspectives on the world through the medium of film.

Besides the usual blockbusters and TV series, Young Film Lovers will make exciting viewing experiences at LUCAS. They also get exposed to lesser known productions, canon works of film history or classics of the silent film era. In this way, they are experiencing film as cultural heritage in the times of YouTube and Netflix.

Under the slogan „Get Involved!“, the festival invites young people to actively shape the festival as young moderators, film critics, film journalists or parts of the competition jury. This way they get the opportunity to discover the world of film and behind-the-scenes workings of the cinema.

It is great that the festival not only encourages to get into film but also into conquering the unknown, just like Pippi Longstocking.

I wish an inspiring festival to the young as well as the older guests and want to thank all of the involved for their commitment.


3 questions to…
Head Mayor Peter Feldman, Patron of LUCAS

Peter Feldmann
Head Mayor of Frankfurt am Main

What is the role of a patron?

As patron of Lucas – International Festival for Young Film Lovers I am an official supporter of the festival because LUCAS has been a relevant platform for high-quality cinema culture for more than 40 years, enabling young people of all population groups and ages to gain innovative access to film as an art form. I am proud to support LUCAS in this fundamental task.

What makes Frankfurt extraordinary with regard to film?

Frankfurt not only offers exciting film backdrops, but also an extremely varied cinema and festival landscape that the people from Frankfurt from 180 nations appreciate. With its varied international program, LUCAS plays a special role in keeping cinema culture alive for the younger generation. One example is the “LUCAS goes Ginnheim” project, where children and young people transform a special place in their Frankfurt neighbourhood into a film theatre for families and neighbours.

How does one recognize a good film for a young audience?

What good films for children, teenagers and adults have in common is that they use the medium artistically and imaginatively to tell stories that last a long time – especially on the big screen. For that, with its 16+ | Youngsters section, the second year in a row, LUCAS specifically invites young adults who are interested in challenging film experiences. I wish all the festival’s visitors many such valuable experiences!


3 questions to…
Angela Dorn, Hesse Ministry of Science and Arts

Angela Dorn
Hesse Minister of Science and Arts

Do you remember your first cinema experience?

BAMBI (US 1942, D: David Hand). I cried my eyes out when the mother died. So when my kids watched it, I sat beside them the whole time, excited, ready to fast-forward – but they were well prepared and fast-forwarding was not necessary.

What is important to you about film?

Film allows us to experience adventures that would not be possible in real life. It tells stories of friendships, takes us on time travels and shows strange galaxies. It stimulates creativity and fantasy – this is not only important for children and teenagers but also for adults. Good films, such as the ones LUCAS shows, also help to put oneself in other people’s perspectives. This is very important in our open society.

Why do you support LUCAS?

Young people all over Hesse love cinema. That’s why the state of Hesse is happy to support LUCAS in making films accessible to children and young people in the region. I am particularly pleased that LUCAS is also represented beyond the festival week and in communities outside the festival center in Frankfurt with offers such as FILMmobil. At LUCAS, the young audience learns to look very closely and maybe even to express their own perspective in a film-like way. I wish the young LUCAS visitors many interesting new discoveries.


3 questions to…
Ellen Harrington, Director of the DFF

Ellen Harrington
Director of the DFF – Deutsches Filminstitut & Filmmuseum

What is the most exciting about LUCAS for young film lovers?

As an art form, film has a lot more to offer than maybe obvious for most young people, who have only come into contact with mainstream cinema so far. That is why the LUCAS juries award prizes to extraordinary films, which impress with unusual/unconventional images, living worlds and authentic protagonists. Discussions with peers and international film professionals make the festival attendance an unforgettable experience.

What are the LUCAS 2019 program highlights?

Besides the exciting competition films of sections 8+, 13+ and 16+ | Youngsters, LUCAS #42 offers the self-curated films of the Young European Cinephiles and the Klassiker.Klasse – two groups of young people that choose and present films autonomously. That is special indeed.

What does “Get Involved!” mean?

No other film festival focuses on young audiences’ experiences as much as LUCAS. Children, adolescents and school classes can and will be film patrons, festival reporters, members of the different juries and a lot more in the program schemes of „Get Involved!“. They participate in different projects and programs to get to know film creatively, playfully developing also an aesthetic sense for moving images. This empowers them to embrace their every-day exposure to moving images actively, and also brings them into with our shared cultural heritage of film. Have fun exploring!