Klassiker.Klasse en2019

Cult films with special effects


HOW DOES A FILM BECOME A CLASSIC? “When entire generations have seen a film and all have enjoyed it” – this is how Ghizlan (17) describes it. Together with ten other vocational school students from the Heinrich-Kleyer-Schule in Frankfurt, she forms the Klassiker.Klasse.

As Klassiker.Klasse, the young people watched films from different eras and genres. They were looking for works that have become film classics or cult films due to their visual and special effects. In workshops with Carsten Siehl (film pedagogue) and Wilke Bitter (LUCAS-»Mitmischen!«) they discussed: According to which criteria do you select films for a festival and for a certain topic? What does the target audience look like? For their film programme, the young people immersed themselves in the development of special effects from the very beginning to the present day: “That was something more special at the time, because the effects were not made digitally as they are today, but were rather made mechanically,” explains Niko (17). “I thought it was really cool to see this development,” says Ghizlan. She emphasizes: “In our film series there is something for every age group”. In three film shows, the young people will present their selection and the development of special effects to the audience.

US 1964. D: Robert Stevenson. 139 min. Fiction.
German Version with Eng. ST. No age restriction. Recommended from age 7

SUN, 22.9. | 1 pm | Kino des DFF

US/UK/CA/CH 1978. D: Richard Donner. 143 min. Fiction.
Eng. OV. Suitable from age 12. Recommended from age 12

MON, 23.9. | 8.30 pm | Kino des DFF

US 1993. D: Steven Spielberg. A: Michael Chrichton. 127 min. Fiction.
Eng. OV. with German ST. Suitable from age 12. Recommended from age 13

WED, 25.9. | 11 am | Kino des DFF


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