Voice-over and language versions
All films are screened in the noted language versions. LUCAS screens the competition films in original language versions with English subtitles and additional German live voice-over. No voice-over for films with age recommendation from 15 years up.

Cinema at the DFF:
During screenings with live voice-over, spectators can choose between the original version (via headphones) and the German live voice-over.

Other venues:
Select screenings will provide live German voice-overs, see program sites for detailed information

Language versions:

OV / OF = Original version

DF = German version

Omu = Original version with German subtitles

OmeU = Original version with English subtitles

FSK = German voluntary self-regulation of the movie industry

freigegeben / suitable = official event-specific age rating

empfohlen / recommended = LUCAS age recommendation

Country code:

AU – Australia

AR – Argentinia

BA – Bosnia and Herzegovina

BR – Brazil

BE – Belgium

CA – Canada

CH – Switzerland

CZ – Czech Republic

DE – Germany

DK – Denmark

ES – Spain

FR – France

GB – Great Britain

HR – Croatia

IL – Israel

IN – India

IR – Iran

IT – Italy

LU – Luxembourg

MX – Mexico

NL – Netherlands

NO – Norway

PS – Palestine

PT – Portugal

RU – Russia

SE – Sweden

SG – Singapore

SI – Slovenia

SK – Slovakei

TJ – Tajikistan

TW – Taiwan


QA – Qatar