YECs 2019


CROSSING BORDERS With »YECs«, the young generation of European cineastes comes to Frankfurt. Four young people from Germany and Luxembourg present their film program and discuss with the festival visitors on a current issue. The topic is »borders«, freely interpreted and viewed from different angles

    Anna Brilla 
        Damir Mehic
      Gabriel Thym
         Joshua Kiefer

Where are my borders, yours, ours? Are they even perceptible, and what happens when you cross them? “When it comes to borders, we first think of geography and maps-of borders between countries, properties and people who move across them,” says Anna Brilla (18), explaining the reflections of the »YECs« on the subject. “But individual people are also constantly testing boundaries; what one can say to other people, for example,” adds Joshua Kiefer (18).

Together with the two Luxembourg film fans Damir Mehic (18) and Gabriel Thym (16), the four of them use their films to observe what divides people. “What does one reveal about oneself and what are the limits of patience? When is a joke funny; when does it become tasteless? Our whole earth and its resources are currently reaching their limits. Our film selection gets to the bottom of these issues,” says Anna.

The Young European Cinephiles use their film knowledge and jury experience at festivals in Germany and Luxembourg to think outside the box. They put together a surprising program and display. Whether it is the boundaries of good taste that divide us, cultural barriers or ecological habitats – the lines may not even be visible. But once they are crossed, there is often no turning back. However, common border experiences also weld together and make clear what is important.


US 1998. D: Peter Weir. A: Andrew Niccol. Fiction. 103 min. OV with Ger. ST. Suitable from age 12. Recommended from age 13

THU, 19.9. | 8.30 pm | Kino des DFF


FR 2009. D: Yann Arthus-Bertrand. A: Isabelle Delannoy, Yann Arthus-Bertrand, Denis Carot, Yen Le Van. Documentary. 89 min. Eng. Version with German ST. No age restriction. Recommended from age 13.

FRI, 20.9. | 6.30 pm | Kino des DFF
THU, 26.9. | 10.30 am | CineStar Metropolis


FR/BE 2012. D: Alexandre de La Patellière, Matthieu Delaporte. A: Alexandre de La Patellière, Matthieu Delaporte. Fiction. 109 min. OV with Eng. ST. Suitable from age 12. Recommended from age 15

SAT, 21.9. | 6 pm | Kino des DFF