Halima Tariq (15) Friedrich-Ebert Gymnasium, Mühlheim am Main
Lilith Klaus (16) Labenwolf-Gymnasium, Nürnberg
Luana Pees (17) Goethe Gymnasium, Frankfurt
Halima has a weakness for film classics: Watching SABRINA (US 1954, director: Billy Wilder) changed her life. In her opinion, films do not only make the gift of shared memories, they also address the issues of children and teenagers and can offer guidance. She therefore especially enjoys films with meaningful messages. To be a LUCAS-member in 2017 was something very out-of-the-ordinary for Halima. She looks forward to stepping out of her ‘comfort zone’ again as a YEC.
Lilith describes her relationship to film as “acute cinephilia” – a rare condition? No, but rather a way to give free rein to her dreams and fantasies. In addition to working on her own film projects, the sixteen-year-old has co-organised the children’s film days “Little Big Films” in Nuremberg for several years. Both in life and on screen, she appreciates critical attitudes; her favourite movie quote seems fitting to our times and the theme of the YEC series – “When the legend becomes fact, print the legend!”
Luana loves photography and speaks four languages: German, English, Portuguese and French. It fascinates her how films tell stories using images and music: To her mind, cinematography, editing and music are the most important elements of a good film, her favourite genre is science fiction. Films enable her to see the world from different perspectives and hybrid films in particular challenge viewing habits. Luana was a LUCAS jury-member in 2017.

Mark (18) Šentvid Grammar School, Slowenien
Olja (18) Ljubljana Waldorf high school, Slowenien
Simon (17) Poljane Grammar School, Slowenien
He is a student at Šentvid Grammar School in Ljubljana. His hobbies are music, especially rap, amateur theatre, poetry and watching films. What he appreciates most in a film is music, good acting and camera. Over the years, he began to watch films according to genre and from a philosophical point of view, so he is happy to take any film recommendation. He does not have a favourite film because, to him, every film is special in its own way. Mark was a member of this year’s Eye on Film Young Jury.
Olja is 18 years old and goes to the Ljubljana Waldorf high school. She is an amateur photographer, who just had her first exhibition and in the past few years, she has been interested in film and directing. She thinks of film as an ideal storytelling medium, because it uses the aspects of other arts to form a comprehensive world, which allows the viewer to unify with the characters of that world. Olja participated at Eye on Film 2017 – international film festival for youth (Ljubljana, Slovenia), as a volunteer and helped the festival as a festival photographer and with social media.
Simon is a student at Poljane Grammar School and quite an aficionado when it comes to films and television series. He will watch anything from Hollywood blockbusters to low-budget Scandinavian series and he has already had a crack at film-making on several occasions. He participates in Slovenian film festivals, where he has already received awards for his films a couple of times. He publishes regularly on his YouTube channel. When he is not shooting films, he takes part in music and fandom, and corrects maths tests. Simon was a member of this year’s Eye on Film Young Jury.