De Libi

Three friends, one party night and the question: “what Does really count in life?”

Netherlands 2019, Director: Shady El-Hamus. Screenplay: Jeroen Scholten van Aschat, Shady El-Hamus. 102 min. Fiction. Dutch Original with English subtitles. Released for audiences from 12 years of age. Recommended from 15 years of age.

Shortly before the end of their last days of school Bilal, Gregg and Kev want to have a blast in a club in Amsterdam. Whoever gets in there has made it in life. But the three friends make it hard for themselves: Bilal is a roaring extrovert, Gregg rarely says what he thinks and Kevin is way too insecure. With great sympathy the film follows the three teenagers through the day and an exciting night, it has the courage to let them get really annoying – and finds the right moments again and again on very serious topics.   (StS)


Topics: Freundschaft, Anerkennung, Zukunftspläne, Vorurteile

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Shady El-Hamus (*1988) is an award-winning director and screenwriter. He attended the Dutch Film Academy and the National Film and Television School in England. He graduated in 2015 with the film FAIRUZ, which had its premiere as part of the competition at the Dubai International Film Festival. As a screenwriter, El-Hamus wrote his film, OVER ZONES, and the award-winning film MAGNESIUM (Sam de Jong). His short film, Nachtschade, was the 2018 entry for the Academy Awards.  

Filmography (Selection):
2019 ABOUT THAT LIFE | 2017 MALIK (TV) | 2017 NIGHTSHADE (Short film)