Colourful influencer challenges provincial narrow-mindedness

Brazil 2019. Director: Gil Baroni. Screenplay: Luiz Bertazzo. 87 Min. Fiction. Portuguese Original with English subtitles. Released for audiences from 12 years of age. Recommended for audiences from 14 years of age.

As if it wasn’t enough to be constantly perceived as a boyinfluencer Alice also has to move from Recife to the province. “I’m straight, damn it.”, she proclaims there, annoyed by all the blatant ignorance. It is not surprising to the charismatic and self-confident Alice that she is a huge nuisance at the Catholic school. But luckily, between machismo and shaming, there are also some kids who are alright: nerdy Viviane, casual Taísa, and Bruno – who Alice dreams of having her first kiss with. With the poppy charm of her online amd offline appearance, the transitory teenager conquers a piece of lightness in a narrow-minded environment. (AB)

Topics: Identität, Erwachsenwerden, Transgender, Freundschaft, Social Media, Menschenrechte, Brasilien, Stadt und Land  

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Sat, Sept. 26th. | 6 PM | DFF

Q&A with the director and protagonist

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In his films, Gil Baroni (*1979, Brazil) addresses human rights issues such as the empowerment of minorities, gender equality, and social justice. As co-owner of  “BeijaFlor Films,” Baroni produces and writes film projects with similar topicsespecially focusing on LGBTQ+ themes. Many films of his production company, as well as Baroni’s own films, have been shown and awarded at numerous international festivals. ALICE JÚNIOR celebrated its premiere at the 70th Berlinale.   

Filmography (Selection):
2019 ALICE JÚNIOR | 2016 THE LOVE OF CATERINA | 2016 EVEN HORIZON (Short film) | 2015 CYCLE 7-1 (Short film)