The Odyssey. Australia 2021. Director: Emmanuelle Mattana. 7 Min. Feature film. OV w/. Engl. Subs. and Ger. voice-over. Recommended from age 6.

Art, 6th peri­od, and again online. Boredom as usu­al, but then: the screen is a por­tal, that goes straight into the bed­room of Kiki’s crush! Kiki stumbles in to the por­tal, gets caught. And now?

TU, 5.10. | 8:45 a.m. | Cinéma
TH, 7.10. | 10:45 a.m. | Cinéma

This film is part of the short film pro­gram 3

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2021 THE ODYSSEY (debut)


Emmanuelle Mattana first beca­me famous through her lea­ding role as Marnie in the Australian children’s series Mustangs FC. THE ODYSSEY is her first attempt to set foot as a screen­play wri­ter and direc­tor.