Ash ya Captain. EG/DE/DK 2020. Director: Mayye Zayed. Screenplay: Mayye Zayed. Documentary. 99 min. OV w/Ger. sub. FSK 12.

From a dus­ty, unpre­ten­tious trai­ning ground in Alexandria to the Olympic Games: Zebiba wants to make this dream come true. But she is still at a cross­roads bet­ween child­hood and weight­lif­ting cham­pi­on­ships. For five years, the 14-year-old has been trai­ning to fol­low in the foot­s­teps of Egypt’s famous weight­lif­ters. What began as fun, and games now requi­res extre­me sacri­fice. Filmmaker Mayye Zayed fol­lows Zebiba through the first four years of her com­pe­ti­ti­ve care­er and shows in an extra­or­di­na­ri­ly clo­se-up por­trait how the litt­le girl grows up in front of the came­ra, lear­ns to accept gre­at los­ses and igno­res her ado­le­s­cent instincts in order to live up to her own ambition.

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MO, 10.10. | 4 p.m. | DFF Cinema

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